Mentor and Trainer Training Course 2019

Mentor and Trainer Training for Teachers of English

Autumn 2019

We are pleased to announce that IATEFL Hungary will launch a Mentor and Trainer Training Course starting in September 2019. The educational government has extended the teaching practicum to a whole academic year, which requires the expert support of trained school-based mentors. The 120-hour mentor training course we are offering was developed by teacher trainers at ELTE. The course is accepted as one semester of the ELTE PPK Szakvizsgára előkészítő képzés.

This accredited in-service teacher education programme (OM 575-136/2017) can be taken on its own but it is also part of the ELTE in-service second degree programme (szakvizsgára előkészítő képzés).

Aims of the programme:

The course aims to enable colleagues to facilitate trainee teachers' as well as their colleagues’ professional development as mentors, teacher trainers and heads of departments. They will be able to provide expert support from planning through post lesson discussions to evaluation.

Contents of the programme:

Mentor training at ELTE started in 1990 with British Council support. Since then more than 400 professionals have completed the programme and very many of them still work as mentors at ELTE, other Hungarian universities and prestigious language schools. The course material is based on the Ben Warren Trust award winning "Mentor Courses" (1999  Malderez, A and Bodoczky, C.  Cambridge University Press).
In the first part of the course the participants become acquainted with the latest theories of learning and models of teacher development. They explore their own educational beliefs, latent assumptions and convictions, in order to form a learning community with a shared professional language, as well as to establish an open and active atmosphere and develop the communication skills necessary for successful mentoring. 
In the following nine weeks, as well as receiving new input and practising various mentor skills, participants, in pairs, prepare and lead ELT training workshops on topics identified by the group. They get professional support and feedback from fellow participants, which allow the latter to put their mentoring skills into real life practice.
The remaining part of the course is dedicated to issues such as problematic trainees, assessing teaching, writing teaching practice reports, and teacher professionalism.

Feedback from previous participants:

“When I started this mentor course I felt like a stranger in a jungle. The jungle is always a nice, hazardous place but you can get into a trap if you don't mind your steps [...] This course is like a survival kit, as we learnt about the different parts of a mentorial, the importance of good relationship.
“I went from being and experienced teacher who had a strong desire to grow professionally and help others but whose teaching was mostly based on routine to becoming a methodical helper, aware of her strengths and weaknesses and who is able to ensure her own professional growth and help others do likewise.”
“In my life, at first I learnt how to learn and get the most out of a subject matter; then I learnt how to teach what I had learnt; now I have to learn how to teach others to teach what they have learnt about the same subject matter. The changing of point of view makes one of the most interesting shifts I have ever experienced in my life.”

Read more feedback from earlier attendees here.

Organisational information:

The training course is 120 hours long and costs 170 000 Ft.
Time frame: From September 2019 till January, 2020, Friday afternoons, between 13–18.00.
Location: ELTE Gyertyánffy István Gyakorló Iskola, 1126 Bp. Kiss János Altábornagy utca 42-44.


The application deadline is 8th September, 2019. Candidates need to have either a college or a university English teaching degree as well as minimum five years’ professional experience.

If you are interested, please write to for the necessary links and information.

You need to submit the following:

  • Your application form filled in online, as well as the following documents sent via e-mail to
  • Your CV in English
  • Motivation letter in English
  • A recorded lesson* or if this cannot be arranged, a detailed plan of a lesson have recently you taught, with your reflections on what happened.

We also require a deposit of 10,000 Ft**
If your application is accepted you will be invited to a short English interview.
For further information please contact
*Please note that you need the consent of the learners (and their parents) in order to be able to record your lesson.
** If the course is cancelled or if you are not accepted, IATEFL Hungary will refund the full amount of the deposit.

Account details: Angoltanárok Nemzetközi Egyesülete, OTP Bank Nyrt. Account number: 11702036-20714798
IBAN: HU06 1170 2036 2071 4798 0000 0000 SWIFT (BIC) Code: OTPVHUHB