Budapest Creative Café September 2018

Kölcsey u. 2, Budapest, 1085
The September Creative Cafe features Rézműves Zoltán in full flow, first about the new B1 English exam, then after the tea break, how to practice listening skills.
1. With flying colours (Training for exam success)
There is no way around it: the revised B1 school-leaving exam presents a challenge for teachers and learners alike. What do students need to learn? How can we best train them? Following a systematic programme for exam training can help learners achieve success on exam day.
2. At the receiving end (Developing the receptive skills)
Surveys show that if listening was not tested, some teachers would not even teach it in their classes. Why might this be? What are the challenges in developing learners' listening skills? Do we experience similar challenges when we teach reading? What strategies can we employ to make our learners efficient listeners and readers?
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