Creative Café Szeged December 2017

After the great success of Creative Cafés in Budapest, Veszprém and Kaposvár in the previous years, IATEFL-Hungary is launching its Regional Creative Café in Szeged!


Teachers, trainers, trainee teachers – come and join us and find out what we are all about! Make new friends, share experiences, enjoy presentations and much, much more!

Venue: Karolina óvoda, Általános Iskola,Gimnázium, AMI és Kollégium 6725 Szeged, Szentháromság u. 70-76.

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First session:

In the first part of the event Erika Osváth will have a workshop.

Erika Osvath, MEd in Maths, DTEFLA, is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and co-author of the European Language Award-winning 6-week eLearning programme for language exam preparation. Before becoming a freelance trainer in 2009, she worked for International House schools for 16 years in Eastern and Central Europe, where she worked as a Young Learner co-ordinator, trainer on CELTA, LCCI,1-1, Business English, YL and VYL courses, and Director of Studies. She has extensive experience in teaching very young learners, young learners and teenagers. She regularly travels to different parts of Hungary and other parts of the world to teach demonstration lessons with local children, do workshops for teachers, and this is something she particularly enjoys doing as it gives her the opportunity to delve into the human aspects of these experiences. Erika is co–author with Edmund Dudley of Mixed-Ability Teaching (Into the Classroom series, OUP)

Title of the workshop: Learning to Learn

In our fast changing world, in the 21st century, we have a greater responsibility than ever to develop lifelong learners. In order to do this we need to focus on Learning to Learn Skills (LTL) from an early age. In this interactive talk we are going to look at what this means in practice in the primary English language classroom, moving on to secondary level and how we can help students become resilient, reflective, collaborative, curious and independent learners.

Second session:

Our second slot will be presented by Szilvia Mészáros, an IATEFL Hungary committee member and an experienced young learners' teacher, who has been working as a language teacher at various levels for more than 15 years in the private sector and is also the professional director of Helen Doron English Hungary. Szilvia organises teacher training sessions and runs her own learning centre. Her main areas of interest are early childhood development and early language acquisition.

Early language acquisition is very natural in every child's life. Obviously when a baby is born, or even before, language surrounds them, and by using the natural ability to acquire a language, one picks it up as fast as the neurological system develops. This, however, is not acquired in the same way and at the same tempo by all. That said, there is no doubt that we are born with the skill of learning languages. But what is a language? Is it just a limited set of sounds and structure? No. There is no such language that has such limitations. Still when it comes to babies being put into a bilingual surrounding, Hungarian parents get scared, not to mention English teachers.

Let's become children again and discover the beauty of acquiring the first langauge and then let's become teachers and find the joy in teaching children.