All SIGs Day


One of IATEFL-Hungary’s greatest assets are the Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, which enable us to focus on topics that we find especially interesting as teachers of English.
Come to our All Special Interest Groups Day and get some ideas for how to bring the Now into your classroom from different points of view. The following Special Interest Groups will have a session in this special intensive methodology morning: Young Learners SIG, Literature and Culture SIG, Business English SIG, ICT SIG. You will be able to choose two sessions to attend.
The event is free for IATEFL-Hungary members and is open to non-members for a fee of HUF 2000.


Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem Bölcsészettudományi Kar, Dózsa György út 25-27.

Detailed programme

10:00-10:10 Opening (Room 215)

10:10-11:20 Parallel Workshops

Workshop 1a: Culture and Literature SIG with Frank Prescott (Room 215)
Bringing “Now” into the classroom
In this workshop we will look at different ways to bring current events and glocal (global and local) culture into our own classrooms and look at how to build language activities around them. We will try out simple and more complex activities based on whatever is happening right now, and participants will be encouraged to share their own ideas with their colleagues.
Workshop 1b: BE SIG with Mary Sousa (Room 221)
What is BESIG Hungary doing NOW?

  • Communicating face to face with workshops
  • Keeping Business English teachers in Hungary up to date about online webinars and conferences.

Today’s offers:

  • Now try Corpus Analysis - Corpus analysis isn’t a jungle! It’s a well-kept garden. Get a quick, practical walk through corpus analysis. Find out how you can analyse company-specific, authentic materials easily. You’ll take home 3 recipes for using corpus analysis for yourself and your students.
  • Get students talking about “their NOW” - comparing their current life and work with what they’d like it to be, and what impact the changes could have.

11:20-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-12:50 Parallel Workshops

Workshop 2a: Young Learners SIG with Szilvia Mészáros (Room 215)
Early language acquisition is very natural in every child's life. Obviously when a baby is born, or even before, language surrounds them, and by using the natural ability to acquire a language, one picks it up as fast as the neurological system develops. This, however, is not acquired in the same way and at the same tempo by all. That said, there is no doubt that we are born with the skill of learning languages. But what is a language? Is it just a limited set of sounds and structure? No. There is no such language that has such limitations. Still when it comes to babies being put into a bilingual surrounding, Hungarian parents get scared, not to mention English teachers. Let's become children again and discover the beauty of acquiring the first language and then let's become teachers and find the joy in teaching children.
Workshop 2b: ICT SIG with Barbara Bujtás (Room 221)
Where are your students when you enter your classroom?
They must be in the NOW, and that NOW has power.
In our tech-infused world we have to prepare our students (young and old) for a near or distant future that we do not know much about.
Oftentimes we have no other option but to use the power of now.  ICT in education is not only mobiles, computers or the internet. The abundance of ICT tools may help us exploit the NOW with our digitally immersed learners.
What will we do?
We will solve real pedagogical problems.
How will we do it?
Collaboratively, creatively, critically.
What will we use?
Tech that is relevant and available.

12:50-1:00 Closing (Room 215)