IATEFL-Hungary with the sponsorship pf the Regional English Language Office (RELO) for Central and Southeastern Europe, based at U.S. Embassy Budapest is inviting teachers to their third SUMMER COURSE in Badacsony.

The summer course is an excellent training opportunity to learn about practical Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methods, motivating cross-curricular cooperation, developing ICT skills while focusing on green issues. We invite you to join upper primary and secondary school teachers from across the country for this exceptional professional opportunity!

Participants will receive a 5-credit-point certificate at the end of the training.

As a follow-up to our Green English project, the summer course would focus on green issues. The topics of the course: learning about green issues in TEFL, incorporating environmental topics in English language teaching, and motivating cross-curricular cooperation.


- give participants the chance to learn about the latest trends in teaching environmental studies;

-  provide participants with teaching skills, techniques and knowledge they can implement in their own teaching contexts;

-  provide participants with ready-made activities and enable them to create their own teaching materials;

-  give participants a chance to build a network and start cooperation;

-  give participants a chance to do a Green/global issues-related project without any specific previous education in that field

Target audience:Hungarian upper primary and secondary teachers, CLIL teachers or Science teachers with a good command of English.

Application requirements:

1.     Filling in the online application form.

2.     The video documentation of a lesson, focusing on global issues, uploaded to Youtube. If you choose this option, please add the link of the video in this form.


The plan and the photo documentation of a lesson focusing on global issues. If you choose this option, please send us the whole documentation in one folder here: summercourse2015@gmail.com

NEW Deadline: 28 June, 2015

Language of instruction:English

Course venue and accomodation:Hotel Bonvino, Badacsony

Date:27 - 31 July, 2015.

Course fee:NONE! The course is completely free, including training, travel costs, accommodation and meals!

Programme:90 minutes workshops, social programmes and networking opportunities. Participants work in groups, small groups and individually. The workshops also include micro-teaching and peer observation.

The participants will be chosen based on their teaching situation, motivation and their documentation as described in this application form. Applicants will be informed about their acceptance to the course by 26th June. Please note that the participants chosen for the summer course should stay for the whole training.

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