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A team of six teachers/trainers and a psychologist launched a series of professional development workshops last September for teachers coming from various schools and teaching various subjects. Members of the facilitating team had all participated in a variety of trainer training modules offered by the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe either as trainer trainers or as participants, and they all wanted to follow up their involvement in the modules abroad with dissemination and training events organised locally. This is how the Hungarian Pestalozzi Network was born and the professional development workshop series got started. Since these workshops are always held on Friday afternoons, one each month, we decided to call them “Pestalozzi Péntek”.

These Pestalozzi Fridays turned out a great success last year with 35 certificates of attendance distributed in May to those who had attended at least five workshops during the year. In October 2014 a second season was kicked off. This year’s participants seem to outnumber those who joined us last year. The workshops are free of charge and everyone interested is welcome to join any time. The team of trainers/facilitators work on a voluntary basis but happily accept invitations to hold similar training sessions in schools or other institutions for a relatively low fee.

The popularity of these Pestalozzi Fridays suggests that there is demand for innovation, reflection and networking in the teaching profession. Despite the fact that most teachers are overworked and underpaid, many attend the Pestalozzi Fridays regularly and they seem to show genuine interest in and respect for each other’s ideas and good practices, as well as courage and curiosity to question old habits and learn more about themselves as teachers and human beings. But most importantly, they seem to enjoy the opportunity to function as teachers and learners at the same time: sharing ideas, helping and being helped, listening and being listened to.

On a Pestalozzi Day at IATEFL-Hungary, we would like to invite our English teacher colleagues to experience the atmosphere of Pestalozzi Fridays. We will ask them to participate in exploring four interrelated topics through a learning-by-doing experiential approach: 

Session 1 (90 minutes)

An introductory appetizer to the Pestalozzi Friday professional development community in Budapest through activities on inclusive education and teacher values and attitudes with Zsuzsanna Czene and Gabriella Meszéna (school-based mentors and facilitators of the Pestalozzi Friday workshop series).

Sessions 2 and 3 (2x90 minutes)

"Teaching and Leading as a Host" workshop: We are going to look into what leadership means to us in the classroom and beyond. Participants will develop an understanding and an initial practical mastery of the different roles and positions teachers and other leaders are in as hosts and will have the opportunity to work on a project of their own. With Ildikó Lázár (Hungarian Pestalozzi Network coordinator) and Leah Davcheva (from the international Pestalozzi Community of Practice).


Date: 7th February, 10.00 am - 15.00 pm.

Place: Libra Café (Budapest, Kölcsey u. 1.)


The event is FREE for all IATEFl-H members and all participants receive a 5 credit point certificate. Non-IATEFL-H members are asked to pay a participation fee of 3500 HUF, or join the association for the same fee.



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