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IATEFL-Hungary in cooperation with the Regional English Language Office (RELO) for Central and Southeastern Europe, based at U.S. Embassy Budapest invited teachers to their first ever SUMMER COURSE in Kiskunhalas.

summer course


Have you heard?  The summer workshop was the first training opportunity to Learning about practical Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methods, motivating cross-curricular cooperation, developing ICT skills, focusing on American civilisation. We invite you to join upper primary and secondary school teachers from across the country for this exceptional professional opportunity!


  • - to give participants the chance to learn about the latest trends in CLIL
  • - to provide participants with teaching skills, techniques and knowledge they can implement in their own teaching contexts
  • - to provide participants with ready-made activities and enable them to create their own teaching materials
  • - to give participants a chance to build a network and start cooperation

Language of instruction: English

Course venue: Bibó István Gimnázium, Kiskunhalas

Accommodation: Csipke Hotel, Kiskunhalas

Date: 30 June 2013-3 July 2013

Course fee:: NONE! The course is completely free, including training, travel costs, accommodation and meals!

Programme: 9X90 minutes workshops between Sunday afternoon and Wednesday midday, social programmes, and networking opportunities. Participants work in groups, small groups and individually. The workshops also include micro-teaching and peer observation.


The participants were be chosen based on their teaching situation and motivation as described in this application form! Applicants were informed about their acceptance to the course by 25th June. Please note that the participants chosen for the summer course should stay for the whole training, starting on Sunday, 30th June and ending on 3 July.


Watch the reports about the course in the local media.

Trainers and their workshops:


Contemporary American Fiction in the EFL classroom 1-2 (dr Ágnes Kovács)

The course provides you with a very brief introduction to the main fields of contemporary American prose fiction (ethnic fictions, minimalism, intermedial genres), pinpoints core social and cultural problems represented in these, and, last but not least, will involve you in the process of writing actual lesson plans. The first seminar will survey issues represented in the assigned texts and map your primary responses, while during the second class we will be designing lesson plans aimed at raising our students’ social awareness.


How to teach American History in an activity-based way (Márta Ispanovity)

The main goal of the workshop is to give partcipants new tools and ideas for teaching American History through student activities. Participants will learn about cooperative techniques and other forms of work which can be used in class. They will get to know some useful resources (texts, websites, videos). The learning-by-doing approach will be applied, and in the second half of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to design their own activity.


Hey Kids,  Let's Put on a Show! : Text-Based  Drama (Danielle Capretti)

Participants will learn how to create a student performance--from choosing a text, to casting, to rehearsing and, finally, to opening the show!   The Tennessee Williams play "The Glass Menagerie" will be the basis for this workshop.  The session will be "hands on", with participants will serving as both actors and directors, and performing their work for the group. 


Hey Kids, Let's Put on a Show! : Dialogues into Drama (Danielle Capretti)

Building on their knowledge from the first workshop, participants will write dialogues for performance.   The Ira Gershwin lyrics for the political satire "Of the I Sing" will inspire their civics-based scenes, which will then be presented to the group. There will be a performance of selected scenes from both workshops during the evening social activity.  


Using Video Resources in the Classroom (Stan Ward)

Participants will learn (and then practice) creating fun, interesting, and meaningful classroom activities for their students using video clips to enhance their activities, or to be the focus of their activities. Emphasis will be placed on the types of clips that can be used, and what ancillary activities to give students to do before, during, and after watching the clips. Ideally, clips will be watched in the classroom rather than as some sort of home assignment. Participation will also be hands-on here, as participants will do a few of the activities themselves to get a feel for how they'd work with their students.

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