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"Autonomous learning is a life long journey. Just like going on an excursion, developing as a teacher is
much more entertaining in good company than on your own." 
We are proud to announce that IATEFL-Hungary is launching a Mentor and Trainer Training Course starting in September 2012. Although the new “Bologna” teacher education system regulated by the 15/2006 Ministry of Education Decree is likely to change, the long one-term practicum is likely to stay, even extended to a whole academic year, which requires the expert support of trained school-based mentors. The course will be run by Judit Révész and Uwe Pohl (ELTE Department of English Language Pedagogy).
The 120-hour accredited mentor training course we are offering was developed by Caroline Bodoczky and Angi Malderez. The course material was published by Cambridge University Press titled Mentor Courses and it was the Winner of the 1999 Ben Warren Trust Award for ELT Methodology books. The course is accepted as part of the ELTE PPK Szakvizsgára előkészítő képzés.
Thanks to the generous grant of the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy all participants who are full-time teachers in state education and members of  IATEFL-Hungary will receive a grant to lower the registration fee. (See details in the files below.)
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To suit the needs of more participants, we had made some changes.

Contrary to the information in the downloadable files, the course will be held between January and June 2013, and the deadline of application has changed to 30th September 2012.


We hope to welcome you among the participants!





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