Partner Associations

Partner Teacher Associations

IATEFL-Hungary signed the partnership agreement for a year with the following associations.

IATEFL-H Partner Associations


Name of partner TA

Contact name Contact e-mail

Date/Place of their conference


Deadline for speaker proposals and of travel grant application

IATEFL Slovenia

Sandra Vida sandra.vida[at]iatefl.si

8-11 March 2018, Terme Topolšica



HUPE Croatia

Sanja Božinović hupe.president[at]gmail.com

20t-22 April 2018,

 Poreč, Istria



ELTA Serbia

Marija Panić office[at]elta.org.rs

11-12 May 2018



Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SKA)

Lynda Styne scet.ska[at]gmail.com

28 September 2018




Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka office[at]iatefl.org.pl

21-23 September 2018, Wroclaw


31 May 2018

ATECR Czech Republic

Mgr. Libuše Kohutová liba[at]karoliner.cz

14-15 September 2018, Hradec Králové


30th April 2018


Travel grant


IATEFL-Hungary has a partnership agreement with the above teacher associations in other countries, with the primary aims of getting to know colleagues from other countries and exchanging ideas. Members of IATEFL-Hungary have the opportunity to represent IATEFL-Hungary at one of the conferences of these partner associations. If you would like to take part in their annual conferences, IATEFL–Hungary covers a maximum of 30.000 HUF of your travelling budget and our partner country covers the conference fee, accommodation and food. In return, we would like to ask you to write a 300-400-word report on the conference and do some voluntary work (e.g. help during the conference) for IATEFL-Hungary. If you are interested, contact: office@iatefl.hu. We are able to send one member to each conference with these conditions. The table above contains the dates of the conferences and the deadlines for the speaker proposals.


What we offer:


The partner organisation will cover your conference fee and provide free accommodation for you, and IATEFL-Hungary will contribute to your travel expenses up to 30,000 HUF.

In order to be eligible for the grant you should

-         have an active membership at IATEFL-Hungary

-         have an accepted speaker proposal at the conference you are planning to attend

-         become involved as a volunteer in an IATEFL-Hungary event

Light partnership agreements

TESOL GREECE Efi Pelekouda efipelekouda@gmail.com www.tesolgreece.org 3-4 March Athens passed
IATEFL MOLDOVA (META AB) Irina Pomazanovschi metamoldovab@gmail.com meta-moldova.md 8-9 May 2018, Chisinau, Moldova  passed
TESOL France Csilla Jaray-Benn president@tesol-france.org www.tesol-france.org 16-18 November 2018 Paris 15 May 2018
ELTAM (Macedonia) Alexandra Popovski president@eltam.org.mk www.eltam.org.mk October 19-21 2018, Hotel DRIM Struga, Macedonia TBC
IATEFL (UK) Natalie Chambers info[at]iatefl.org www.iatefl.org 10-13 April 2018, Brighton passed

Travel grant

Under the light partnership agreements the host association will cover the conference registration fee for one representative of the partner association. Other expenses will be covered by the participant. Requirements for application same as above.

If you are interested, contact Claudia Molnar or Bea Price, our international coordinators at office@iatefl.hu including your membership number and a short motivation letter about how you would benefit from the conference. Applications must be sent at least 2 months before the event. We will also ask you to write an article about the conference once you are back. We hope many of you will use this opportunity to develop professionally and contribute to the work of IATEFL-Hungary through an enjoyable experience.


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