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This publication of articles based on the annual IATEFL-Hungary Conference is an opportunity for speakers and researchers to have their Conference talks published. The compilation is not a conference proceedings volume, but a carefully edited selection of research-based, double-blind, peer-reviewed articles. Speaker proposals that have been accepted for the Conference are not automatically and simultaneously accepted for publication. Speakers who are interested in having their talks published following the Conference should contact the editors concerning their submissions. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a three-stage process of editing and review: initial editorial comments, double-blind, peer-review comments, final editorial comments. This process may take several months and the volume is published the year following the IATEFL-Hungary Conference (e.g. talks given at the 2016 Conference in October will be published before the next conference in 2017).

This is an online compilation that is published on the IATEFL-Hungary website. There will also a limited number of printed copies available at the following IATEFL-Hungary Conference.



The readers of this publication are likely to overlap with the IATEFL-Hungary Conference participants, but the publication also aims to reach a wider audience. The readers the Conference compilation teach English at various levels and in a range of international and local contexts. They may be employed in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education at either private or public institutions. Some of the readers may be teachers in training or novice teachers, while others may be experienced teachers, teacher trainers or researchers. Managers of ELT institutions, programmes and projects are also likely to be interested in the publication.

Authors are kindly asked to keep the readership of the publication in mind when submitting manuscripts.


Submissions Details

Contributors should keep the following information in mind when writing articles for the compilation:

-        Manuscripts need to be based on the IATEFL-Hungary Conference talk or workshop of the author(s).

-        Articles should be about 5000 words in length. They should be submitted as MS Word documents.

-        The manuscripts need to have a balance of theory and practice. Practical suggestions and approaches need to be underpinned with theory, and theoretical concepts have to be related to practical application the classroom.

-        Articles dealing with a particular educational context need to have implications for a wider audience.

-        Authors should demonstrate some familiarity with the work of others in the area they are concerned with.

-        Authors should not presuppose that the readers have more than a basic knowledge of statistics, specialised terminology or theoretical concepts. All such data need to be presented with clear explanations that would make it possible to understand even for novice teachers or those in teacher education. 

For more information as well as submissions please contact the editors:

Éva Illés (illes.eva@btk.elte.hu) and Jasmina Sazdovska (jassaz@ibs-b.hu). 

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