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book_cover“We Shall Overcome!” is an English language book which improves students’ reading, listening and speaking skills by introducing them to the history and moral issues of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. It provides enough teaching material for at least twenty lessons, incorporating plenty of authentic materials such as videos, interviews, poems, reviews, speeches, documentary footage, contemporary newspaper articles and a feature film.

The product was fully sponsored by the Regional English Language Office (RELO) for Central and Southeastern Europe, based at U.S. Embassy Budapest and is intended for distribution in the whole of Central and Southeastern Europe.

In cooperation with IATEFL-Hungary, the author, Jilly Viktor is offering free workshops on the book in March:



Dates and venues:

6 March   Budapest, Budapesti Fazekas Gimnázium, Room 311.

18 March  Sárbogárd, Petőfi Sándor GImnázium

25 March  Miskolc, English Teaching Resource Centre, Miskolci Egyetem C/1. 2. emelet 202.


NEW DATE!!! 22 April, Szekszárd, Garay János Gimnázium


The workshops start at 14.30 and finish at 16.30.

All participants receive a copy of the book.


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