IATEFL-Hungary is proud to announce the launch of a brand new peer-reviewed selection of articles based on the annual conference. This carefully chosen, peer-reviewed selection aims to provide a forum for researchers who teach and teachers who do research to share their work. We hope that the prospect of this publication opportunity will motivate ELT professionals to come forward and participate even more actively in IATEFL-Hungary conferences. We also hope that a union of research and practice will put IATEFL-Hungary on the cutting edge of the professional development of English language teachers.



The second issue of what we hope will become a regular publication of IATEFL-Hungary is out now! Click on the image below and enjoy reading.



The Repertory was published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of IATFL-Hungary. It is a compilation of ALL the names of the presenters and the titles of ALL conference presentations that were included in the programme of the 25 conferences of our association.




The first issue of what we hope will become a regular publication of IATEFL-Hungary is out now! Click on the image below and enjoy reading.





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MELTing Pot

IATEFL-Hungary publishes its professional magazine, called mELTing Pot (ISSN 1785-6965) three times a year: two electronic and one printed issue. The magazine is free for all IATEFL-Hungary members. 


mELTing Pot accepts submissions of articles from English teachers, teacher trainers, content teachers and program administrators on a wide variety of topics in second/foreign language education, including principles and methods of language teaching; activities, techniques, projects, best practices for teaching the language skills; classroom-based studies and action research; various types of analyses, curriculum and syllabus design; assessment and testing; teacher training and development; materials writing; English for Specific Purposes; and last but not least CLIL, cross-curricular teaching and intercultural education.


If you are interested in submitting an article, please consult Submission Guidelines first,

then send your article to potarticles.iateflh@gmail.com.


You can download sample articles from previous issues by clicking on the images below:


mELTing Pot Extra 2011


mELTing Pot Extra 2010


mELTing Pot Extra 2009



mELTing Pot Extra 2008


mELTing Pot Extra 2007



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