2015 marked the silver jubilee of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Hungary. In the previous 25 years we held our annual conferences in Budapest and 12 different cities and as part of the festive events this year we started to plant trees, one in each of those cities, to commemorate the foundation of our community.

Planting trees is not only a follow-up to the environmentally conscious theme of the 2014 conference, but also represents our growing community around the country which we want to nurture. We can imagine old and new members, colleagues, language schools, publishers and other supporters standing around the trees to crown this special year over the coming months.

If you have any suggestions for where you’d like to see the nearest IATEFL tree in your region, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re also looking for people who’d like to write an article or blog about a tree planting in their area or who can connect us with the local media. And if you have any other inspirational ideas for this project, please get in touch with us. 


Grow strong! Grow together!




8th September, 2016

Students of the local school are preparing a short Shakespeare performance with their teacher, Sára Schmidt. László Vellai, head teacher of the school, will greet the participants. And after planting the tree, a Teacher Development workshop is offered for all teachers and students present, given by Frank Prescott from IATEFL-Hungary. Miklós Horváth will inform participants about the ELTE-Origó and INSEDO exams. We hope to create a new Regional branch with the teachers from the neighbouring cities, Veszprém, Balatonfüred, Zirc and others.
We invite all teachers and learners of English to join us for this festive event!

Venue: Egry József Középiskola, Szakiskola és Kollégium, 8251 Zánka, Külterület Hrsz. 030/13.




16th SEPTEMBER 2015

After Szombathely, Balatonfüred, Gödöllő, Veszprém, and Pécs, Szeged is the next town for the tree planting ceremony. In co-operation with the Teacher Training Faculty of University of Szeged Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education, the tree will be planted at the green area next to JUGYU Club.
Inviting all teachers and learners of English to join us for this festive event on the 16th September at 3.00 pm :)



28th May 2015




12th May 2015



17th April 2015

The second jubilee tree planting will take place in Baltonfüred, on 17th April 2015, at the Lóczi Lajos Secondary School.



20th March 2015

From Zsuzsa Lindner, participant in the event, former IATEFL-H president:


"When at the beginning of December we held our first meeting on how to celebrate the 25th anniversary of IATEFL-H, one of the most heartwarming ideas that came up was Bea Price’s. She suggested that we should follow up on the ’green theme’ of the 24th conference in Veszprém and plant a tree in each town where there has ever been an IATEFL-H conference. We all liked the idea a lot.

I loved it too, but as a realist, I had doubts. How are we going to find people in so many places to plant a tree? Who is going to pay for the trees? Who is going to dig the holes? How can we make sure that all the events are promoted and well documented so that people know that it is US? Who’s going to keep track of all the details?

I raised all these questions and nobody really gave me an answer, but Bea Price, who is an idealist, didn’t really seem to understand my concerns. She said that she will take care of everything and we finally said OK, go for it! Within a month or two she came back with the news that she had already found some enthusiastic colleagues who are going to organise everything in their towns. I was happy, but still found it hard to believe how this will ever work out.

Weeks went by and then on 16th March Bea asked me if I wanted to go the Szombathely with her and Peter Medgyes four days later to witness the first ever IATEFL-Hungary tree being planted. I said I’d love to, but again raised a question: how are we going to make it by 4pm if it takes around 3,5 hours to get there and we all need to work in the morning?

To cut a long story short, we arrived to Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem in Szombathely at 3pm on 20th March 2015. Bea, Peter and me were met by Anikó Wagner (former committee member and regional coordinator of the association) who had organised the whole event herself. As a longtime supporter of IATEFL Hungary she knows what the 25th anniversary means to us, so she did her best to organise everything.

Every step of the event was perfect: Anikó’s opening words, the speech of Katalin Molnár dr., the vice-rector of the university, the speech of professor Péter Medgyes, the founder of IATEFL-Hungary and the local students who recited some poems and sang for us. After all the speeches and performances the little tree was put in the hole and we could all put some soil on it, therefore we can say we all planted the tree together. Hopefully, it will grow strong!

Two articles have been published about the event by Vas Népe and Alon Hírportál and the local TV made a report as well. It is hard to explain how great it felt to be present at the very first IATEFL-H tree being planted, but I hope the pictures talk for themselves.

Looking back at the previous months and my doubts, I’d like to finish by saying that thanks to Bea and her persistence concerning the project and Anikó’s hard work to organise this event, I learnt once again that we should NEVER underestimate the power of volunteers!

Thank you!"fa


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